Anna Tatangelo returns with “Serenata”, the new single

Anna Tatangelo prepares to return with “Serenata”, the new single produced by Dat Boi Dee.

The song comes after the great success of “GUAPO” feat. Geolier, which now has tens of millions of streams and views, and “BETWEEN ME AND YOU” feat. Gemitaiz, two great collaborations with two leading names in Italian rap, which marked the beginning of a new path undertaken by the singer-songwriter. With “SERENATA” this path continues, finding her confirmation in a track in which Anna pulls out all her grit to affirm her identity as an independent woman.

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The song is the story of those girls who have personalities and do not want to feel the weak part of a couple, at the cost of appearing in the eyes of others arrogant. Serenade is the last stick to hide cracks from a worn-out story, but it’s too late.

Anna Tatangelo: “I am a point of reference for homosexuals and women”

With these songs Anna Tatangelo changes skin, measuring herself with a completely new flow. A path that began almost for fun about two years ago: a spark from the artistic encounter with Achille Lauro, who with her and Boss Doms rearranged in version 2.0 just the cult single that years before had brought her to the podium of Sanremo, launching it on the national scene. From there the discovery of a new world, but linked to its roots, which pushed it to experiment and confront with other languages and horizons.

Anna Tatangelo gives himself to Neapolitan rap with “Guapo” (AUDIO)

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