Apple creates service that allows you to register and edit any company in Maps

Unlike Google Maps, Apple Maps does not allow entrepreneurs and organizations to register details of their physical establishments in the service. I’d say, I wouldn’t allow it. On Wednesday (11), Apple Business Connect was launched precisely for this purpose.
Not that merchants could no longer be registered and found via Apple Maps. But until then, the platform had a very limited insertion mechanism. In addition, the service depended on data passed on by platforms such as Yelp and Tripadvisor.

With the new service, a lot of business information can be entered and edited in Maps at any time. Among this information are photos, logos, opening hours, phone number and official website. To make it easier to locate your units, companies can also register them in categories and subcategories. Another possibility is to add additional information, such as free Wi-Fi availability, accessibility for wheelchair users, and permission for the customer to bring a pet.

Integrations with external platforms such as booking hotels via Booking or dining tables can be made at OpenTable. In this sense, Apple highlights showcases, which allow companies to advertise promotions or discounts.

Focus on small businesses
Although Apple Business Connect is available for businesses of all sizes, the company recognizes that the service was created with a focus on small businesses. Because of this, registration on the platform is facilitated.

The business owner has the option to use an existing Apple ID for that or create a new one. On the first login, the service makes an analysis to verify that the establishments claimed or registered in Maps belong to the applicant.
After verification, the owner can assign others (such as employees or partners) to update and administer business information in Apple Business Connect.

Up from Google Maps
Because Google Maps is a very popular map service, perhaps the new Maps feature doesn’t attract many businesses. On the other hand, there is one factor that can contribute to this: the data entered in Business Connect also works on other Apple services.
An example: If the user recommends an establishment to a friend via Messages, a small card with the location address will appear in the conversation.
For the record, the service is free. But anyone who wants more resources for their business can subscribe to Apple Business Essentials, which offers cloud services and device management for organizations.

Apple Business Connect is available in several languages, including Portuguese. For now, Showcases operate only in the United States, but will be released in other countries in the coming months.

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