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Apple Watch Series 7 is 42% cheaper than the official price

The Apple Watch is one of the gadgets most coveted by users, but having one in Brazil usually means spending a lot of money. Things are a little easier today: the 45 mm series 7 aluminum model is on sale for $3,275.10 with Zoom cashback applied.

Apple Watch Series 7 has price revealed in Brazil: up to $11.2 one thousand
Price of The Apple Watch Series 7 in Brazil is up 140% higher than in other countries
Apple Watch 7 (Image: Playback/Apple)
Apple Watch 7 (Image: Playback/Apple)
If we consider that the official spot price charged by apple Brazil’s online store is $5,649, you are saving approximately 42% on your purchase, which is a huge discount when it comes to the company’s products here.

At Amazon, the model on sale comes out for $3,639.99, and the 10% cashback offered by Zoom causes the final value of the purchase to fall to $3,275.10. It is also worth mentioning that you can installment up to 10x without interest by credit card, in addition to receiving the product at home with free shipping from Amazon that is usually super fast in deliveries.

? How do I enable Zoom cashback?
Zoom is the leading online store price comparison platform in Brazil, and most recently launched its own cashback program for its users.

To activate it you just need to log in to your Zoom account, otherwise you won’t get any money back for your purchases! ? In about 30 days after delivery of the product the values are available for you to withdraw and use as you wish.

If you’re still in any questions, check out how Zoom cashback works before making your next online purchase.

? Where do you have more offers like this?
TB findings: real curation of offers, without stuck tail (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)
We are always publishing in TB Finds the hottest offers on the internet, and you can receive them first hand through our channels on Telegram and WhatsApp.

There are disclosed throughout the day the best promotions with real discounts in fact for you to always make the purchase at the best price available.

As a totally independent media vehicle, we have no tail stuck with any brand or company, so all our indications are hand-selected, even when we get nothing out of it!

⌚ Apple Watch Series 7 stands out for the larger screen
Comparison between Watches 7, 6 and 3 (Image: Reproduction/Apple)
Comparison between Watches 7, 6 and 3 (Image: Reproduction/Apple)
The biggest novelty brought by the launch of the latest model of Apple Watch was a 20% larger display, thanks to the reduction of the size of the edges, thus allowing a better use of the front of the device.

In addition, Apple has strengthened the display by adding ceramic protection against scratches and cracks, ideal for the smartwatch to survive better to everyday use and eventual oversights by users.

Finally, to the dismay of many, the battery has not been increased, but can now be recharged up to 33% faster thanks to the new USB-C cable that the company dispatches along with the product — the plug adapter, however, is not included.

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