Arezzo, comes out in the family and is beaten with a gas cylinder: “My mother doesn’t…

Still from Tuscany, precisely from Arezzo, comes yet another story of a boy victim of family homophobia.

The 28-year-old, after coming out of the family, found himself beaten to death by his family: ” My mother took away my house keys, my uncle destroyed the computer where I kept all the university notes. I found the strength to leave the house with the help of my father and today I find myself a complaint for mistreatment in the family and personal injury to my mother”. These are the statements of the boy in

JUST LIKE MALIKA: Kicked out of the family because she is a lesbian, thanks to the offers Mailka will be able to pay rent, food and legal fees: “I was born twice”


“When I told my mother and brother that I was homosexual, I was offended, kicked and punched and attacked with a gas canister,” he continues.

In PALERMO: mother hunts her son because he is gay: “He packed my bags and left me in the street”

Kicked out of the house, the boy was left alone ,even materially. “My mother no longer recognizes me as a child”, continues the boy “has closed all contacts and does not help me financially. Even I, after suffering harassment of all kinds, was joined by a complaint of mistreatment in the family and personal injury which is exactly what I thought I had suffered» Fortunately, the young man is helped byhis father: “My parents are divorced but my father never let me miss his support. Without him, I would never have made it.” And he concludes, bitterly: “I don’t understand how a mother can do such a thing to a child.”

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