Arisa sings and on stage the love breaks out between her two little dogs: “It is thanks to one of my songs…

“We were on radioitalia to record my live, at one point somewhat nettle osacsulijsensualmix and love broke out on stage. Apart from the initial embarrassment, it comforts me that the song triggers endorphins in all species, both human and animal. If this shot is not enough to testify to the erotic power of this song try to believe, from April 30thon all platforms and digital stores”, with this funny message Arisa announces the release of her new single, “Nettle” and shows, in a shot posted on her Instagram page, her two little dogs making love on stage.

Arisa sings in Neapolitan in the new single “Nettle” (AUDIO)


But Titti Verdura and Nino Meringa, these are the names of the singer’s two dogs, have become “famous” precisely for photos published by the weekly Who where they “loved each other” at the park.

Arisa: “I like women, but then I don’t think I’m going to bed”



In the images published by the weekly Chi,the dogs take advantage of the outdoors to give free rein to their instincts, while the singer, infacted in sweatshirt and coat, eats and walks alone. On the other hand, only some time ago he had declared: “Better dogs than men”.

Arisa: “Nettle, the new single, is like the female sexual organ”


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