Arisa talks about her partner: “She had an affair with another man and i didn’t …

In a long interview done by Candida Morvillo for IoDonna, Arisa confesses that Andrea, the man she fell in love with, before her had an affair with another man.

Andrea Di Carlo is not only engaged to the singer but is also his manager for seven months: “He knows what I like, I like what he likes. It’s the first time this has happened to me. He thinks about what I have to do, where I need to go.”

Arisa: “I like women, but then I don’t think I’m going to bed”

Then the singer recounted when she met Andrea who had just left with her boyfriend:” She called me to do someTV. We were at the restaurant, with others, the first thing I noticed is that he is tireless, passionate. I was just looking at him and thinking, but you see this as it’s in it, how many super things it says, but what a phenomenon. He had also just left with a boy and I immediately saw him as a superstar in the way he lived life, in taking what he wants”.

Andrea had a partner for some time:She had had a boyfriend for a long time, but it didn’t scare me. I know I’m passing through this land, so I want to live life to the full. When we talk about sexuality, we are all philosophers, all good at saying that love has no sex, but when your time comes, what do you do? Are you pulling back?”

Arisa and Andrea broke up because of mara venier’s interview with the singer

The doubts were had by the same friends for whom I had demonstrated in the square for LGBT rights – continues Arisa – They told me that, so much, Andrea was gay, that he would pull me dumb. But no, he is a very free person and love, when he arrives, you feel it and he raises all the fears. And, if a person loves you, you notice.”

Arisa sings in Neapolitan in the new single “Nettle” (AUDIO)

Arisa sings and on stage the love breaks out between her two little dogs: “It is thanks to my song that triggers endorphins”

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