Barbara D’Urso attacks Diletta Leotta: “If you don’t want paparazzi closed in the house and no one…

Barbara D’Urso told Afternoon 5 her thoughts were with Diletta Leotta and the allegations that Can Yaman’s ex-girlfriend made to those dealing with “junk gossip.”
After the vitriolic post towards photographers and journalists who had attributed a (true) relationship with Ryan Friedkin, Diletta ended up at the center of scratchy sarcasm, as well as so much criticism. “Ugly and bad journalists who pass her off as a man-eater“, d’Urso began sarcastically. Rita Dalla Chiesa, guest in connection with Afternoon 5, echoed her. The former Forum host remembers well when dealing with paparazzi: “I didn’t take it out on them, in fact I always say thank you. If they were not there, we would exist less from a media point of view. Leotta is pretty, but she’s built her character on things like that, it’s her story that she wants to make her think she has.”

Can Yaman returns to social media after his relationship with Diletta Leotta ends


At this point d’Urso also mentioned Diletta’s passage on her grandmother who believes everything she reads in the newspapers: “My grandmother etc. etc. and then after two days come out those photos? You’re young, my advice is to shut up. They gave me a thousand untrue boyfriends. But long live the pararazzi. Otherwise you stay locked in the house and no one photographs you.

Diletta Leotta vents: “I’m not a man-eater, I want respect”

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