Bishops excommunicate Ddl Zan: “Too many doubts and interpretative ambiguities”

The text approved at first reading in Montecitorio on 4 November last, has been waiting for weeks for the green light from Palazzo Madama, where it stopped due to crossed vetoes.

Monica Cirinnà is rebelling: ‘It is regrettable that she has taken on the role of rapporteur, in recent weeks she has unfortunately shown that she does not care about the impartiality of her role’.

From Germany comes the message of the president of the bishops: “We will bless everyone, gay families included and at the Vatican we say…”

Yesterday, the Cei spoke and, reaffirming ‘the uniqueness of the family, made up of the union ofmen and women’,lamented the ‘too many doubts about the text’ and called for a dialogue to be initiated in order to avoid ‘ambiguities of interpretation’. Worried Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesman of The Gay Party: “No to pejorative amendments”.

Vatican says NO to gay couples’ blessing: “Illicit form”

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