Bishops in revolt against the Vatican, gay couples will be blessed on 10 May: “The…


The revolt of some German parish priests against the Vatican on the issue of blessing for gay couples continues.

After the request made in March by a large group of priests, deacons and pastoral officials to be able to celebrate a day of collective blessing for homosexual couples and the clear rejection that has arrived from the Vatican, more than seventy German parishes have decided to disobey and have announced that around May 10 they will launch days with collective blessings for any couple, including gay ones.

Gay couples discriminated against by church? Priests rebel against the Pope: “We will bless them. Jesus is love and does not exclude anyone”



In an official note, the President of the German Bishops, Monsignor Georg Bätzing, stated that he ” does not consider public actions, suchas those planned for May 10, to be a useful sign or a way forward. Blessing masses have their theological dignity and pastoral significance. They are not suitable as tools for political-ecclesiastical demonstrations or protest actions”.

“Does this Church frighten me, bless objects, animals and frighten two people who love each other?” said Father Maggi

The initiative, called “Liebe gewinnt” (Love Wins), was launched by some German parish priests in mid-March and blessings will be made on May 10.

The Church against gay couples, Elodie and Ermal Meta intervene: “We will love each other the same. It seems that without blessing love is stronger”

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