Can Yaman returns to social media after his relationship with Diletta Leotta ends

Can Yaman, the future protagonist of the Sandokan series, about ten days ago had mysteriously disappeared from social media causing his 8 million followers to sinkinto absolute despair, mostly women, but the nightmare is over and he has finally returned to Instagram with a photo as if showing him as always irresistible.

Between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta it’s over and it was all planned as per the script, word of Paparazzo Paolone

Even his Twitter profile was unattainable and this led to a series of conjectures: there are those who had hypothesized a hacker attack against Yaman and those who had simply thought of his revenge against the criticism he punctually receives.

The actor doesn’t like haters very much, who often had to complain first about his relationship with Diletta Leotta and then about the alleged crisis of the two. Crisis denied by the same host who told Striscia la Notizia: “The marriage has not jumped, the ones that circulate are just rumors: the love story is true and I am very happy. It’s just to do things at the right time.” And on social media he clarified for him: “Can has taken himself off social media for business reasons”.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta pretend to be together and have created everything at the table? The strong statements of a paparazzo: PHOTOS

It is not understood the exact reason for the disappearance, whether it was a marketing stunt or anything else, but it does not matter, the profile is again online, identical to before and a reassuring new photo of “Sandokan” with a smart face has also arrived.  Of course, he was immediately throb of likes and hearts in the comments. All regular.


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