Cara Delevigne continues to give dildi to her friends, but there is a reason… That’s why!

Since Cara Delevingne became co-owner and creative consultant of the all-female line of sex toys Lora DiCarlo last fall, she has started giving gifts to her truly unusual friends.

His loved ones now know this, they themselves say, “I already know what I will receive at Christmas from you.” Cara goes around delivering these sex toys saying ironically,“Hey, good orgasm to you!”, she confessed to Pharrell Williams in the new episode of the Podcast OTHERtone, co-hosted with Fam-Lay and Scott Vener. “I think especially now, more than ever, it’s theright time to enjoy this kind of thing!” added the model who went on: “We like to call them sex devices, not toys. Because the term toy is something that refers to the childish world. But these devices aren’t childish, they’re just new technologies, and they’re… funny!”. In order to work on these products, Cara had interesting conversations with her male friends about sexuality, so that she could confront them. “We never talked about it before…“, he declared.

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Delevingne had told Variety that she was pansexual: “I fall in love with the person, end.” Of course, it’s a great example of what it means to love. A love that goes beyond the definition of man and woman, but that goes to focus on the person in pure and disinterested form.

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