Checco Zalone and Helen Mirren together in the new hit “La Vacinada”: here is the pro-vacc video…

The pace of a bachata to emphasize the importance of the Covid vaccine. It is the last idea of Checco Zalone who wrote and released a new song: the song is called La Vacinada and is already destined to become a hit as well as his official video clip.

Checco Zalone invites everyone to wear masks: “Even at the cinema wear the mask”

An exceptional guest of the clip, shot in Salento, in fact, isoscar-winning actress Helen Mirren,who has a home in Puglia. “The immunidad de gregge is still not arivada, but menomal que estàs LA VACINADA,” Zalone wrote accompanying the video’s posting on Facebook. In the images while Zalone is aboard his spider on the streets of Salento when he meets Helen Mirren and the lightning strike takes place. The reason? She’s vaccinated. The rest of the story, as often happens with the showman, is hilarious. Here’s the song.

Checco Zalone and Virginia Raffaele in “L’immunità di gregge”, the parody video on quarantine!

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