Costantino Della Gherardesca “Many VIPs do not want to come out”. And on Alberto Matano…

Costantino della Gherardesca throws a real bombshell on many VIPs and characters from the entertainment world who, despite being gay, do not seem to have the courage to come out.

This bomb would have been dropped by the well-known conductor during an interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano. During these interviews Constantine spoke about his private life and also about his professional and working life, also remembering the moment when he decided to come out,thus declaring that he was homosexual.

Costantino della Gherardesca was one of the first public figures to come out in Italy about 20 years ago and did so together with Leopoldo Mastelloni, Leo Gullotta, Mauro Coruzzi and Fabio Canino.

Raffaella Carr√†: “On tv too many stories of killings, death. There are no moments of lightness. Lorella Cuccarini?”

Constantine would come out exactly in 2001, when he found himself a guest on a very famous television program. As he himself recalls, the confession would have taken place in a completely spontaneous way. “In 2001 I was a guest on a Chiambretti broadcast to talk about anarchist artists and Piero asked me: ‘Excuse me, but what side are you on?’ I said, ‘I’m homosexual.'”

However, he never let himself be knocked down and above all he did not stop in front of the judgments, continuing his path. During the interview, however, it would seem that Costantino della Gherardesca made a few too many declarations saying that in any case there is some character from the entertainment world who has not yet wanted to reveal his homosexuality. There would also be a conductor in his opinion, who would give some doubts and it would be Alberto Matano on whom Constantine seems to have also made some rather positive appreciations. There are those who actually say that Alberto is homosexual and that he does not want to come out, for the rest of his private life nothing has ever been known about his sentimental life.

Alberto Matano, host of “La Vita in Diretta”, furiously reveals: “I’m not gay”


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