Elliot Page in tears talks about his transition from Ophra Winfrey: “I always knew about …

Ellen Page, the actress who became famous with the film Juno,is happily a man today and her name is Eliot: “I always knew I was a boy. As a child, I wrote love letters and signed “Jason,” he recounted in a touching interview with Ophra Winfrey. The actor was moved by talking about his childhood and the transition path. Elliot had publicly revealed that he was transgender in 2020 directly with a Tweet.

Elliot Page, the first photo after coming out as a transgender person: “Say goodbye to Ellen”

Today he is happy, despite his divorce from his wife Emma Portner. Elliot said: “Ifinally exist for who I am. For the first time in my life I am able to be myself and to be productive, creative. I’m simplifying too much, but I’m really fine. I feel a big difference in finally being able to exist day by day, minute by minute.”
In the transition process Elliot emphasizes the breast removal surgery he recently underwent, he was liberating: “I just say to myself: here I am. I can touch my chest and feel comfortable in my body.”

Elliot Page and wife Emma divorce: “We will remain friends”

Elliot then recounted feeling male from an early age, in every respect, but many disproved him by saying that he could never become a man. And here it is. Apparently it was also a good shock to his career: “With a friend we wrote our first script, and I’m working on another project, and I’m producing music with another friend. I have a lot more energy than when I felt uncomfortable, when I was constantly checking my body, when I wasn’t well. As for acting, I still don’t know what’s going to happen. I certainly feel safer, more present, connected to the truth of the moment.

Elliot Page, first interview after coming out: “I received so much transphobic hatred but also love”

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