Fedez launches its men’s nail polish line and is immediately booming online bookings (VIDEO…

Fedez launches its nail polish line and is immediately booming online bookings.

The rapper chooses to do so through his own communication channel par excellence, Instagram,where with over 12 million followers he keeps up well behind his influencer wife, Chiara Ferragni,who has 23.3 million. The rapper’s new cosmetics line is called “NooN” and was born from the collaboration with the famous brand of the Layla Cosmetics sector.

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Fedez has long accustomed us to its colored nails and, with the new product on the market, officially clears the use of masculine enamel. “Some of the proceeds will @pangeaonlus support women who are victims of domestic violence and their children on the national territory,” she wrote on Instagram.

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“The new Capsule LaylaGel Polish in collaboration with Fedez is expressly desired, made and signed by him”, “6 semi-transparent enamels with colors personally chosen by Fedez who thus wanted to immortalize passions and significant moments of his life” reads the e-commerce. The unit price of enamel is 17.75 euros per bottle and several kits and compositions are then available.

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