Francesco Totti on the former human ken: “It’s not Ilary, even if he looks like her” (VIDEO)


Francesco Totti was a guest of Pio and Amedeo in the channel 5 comedy program “Felicissima sera“.

During the gag dedicated to Totti, the two comedians showed a photo of Jessica Alves, the former human ken, on screen: ” It’snot Ilary, evenif he looks like her ,” the Pupone said. Words that might have his wife off…

Rodrigo Alves: “I assure you I don’t want to be Ilary Blasi, I don’t know her” (VIDEO)

??A capitone, there’s only one chapter… A chapter?? ??#FelicissimaSera #pioeamedeo #francescototti

— Giulia.87 (@Giulia8710) April 23, 2021

The interview then gets hot. “How much did the Postalmarket affect your training? Who was your reference woman,” Amedeo asks, poking it on the boils of adolescence. “Edwige Fenech,” is the answer. “What’s your favorite category?”, he still asks about red light films. “It depends, you tell me,” “And I’m not in front of the computer with you… but did Ilary ever give you a break?”, “No, still not” “But you keep going” “Well, that’s not a bad thing.”

Gente, director Monica Mosca reported to the journalists’ order for the photo of Ilary Blasi and Totti’s daughter

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