From Germany comes the message of the President of the Bishops: “We will bless everyone, fami…

Directly from Germany comes the disappointment of the faithful, and not only, towards the Vatican which has no intention of supporting homosexual couples in blessing.

Pope’s altar boys abused: vatican homosexual scandal

People in same-sex unions want the blessing of the Church, a blessing that is not hidden. They want their life as a couple to be recognized as a value that will give them God’s blessing and not deny it […] I believe that we need to look again at homosexuality and living unions outside marriage. We can no longer go on the basis of the natural law alone, but we must think much more strongly in categories such as care and responsibility for the other”, these are the words of the President of the German Bishops, Georg Batzing, who wanted us to specify that they will guarantee blessings to everyone, including gay families.

Laura Pausini on the vatican’s words: “Homosexual people are a family, they are children of God like everyone else. We need a law.


Loredana Bert√® lashes out at the Vatican: “Middle Ages, continue to bless death. Love does not need blessings”

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