Gabriel Garko: “I came back single. Ever since I came out, I’ve been struggling to catch up…

Gabriel Garko spoke about gay actors who don’t come out during an interview with chi weekly.

As you will remember, the famous and beloved sex symbol of Italian TV came out during the last Big Brother VIP,conducted by Alfonso Signorini. Gabriel Garko revealed that the day after her coming out she was afraid to leave the house: “I felt naked, instead I was greeted by a warmth never felt before, there are people who even today thank me for giving her the strength and courage to replicate my path and other that, from that moment, appreciates me even more”.

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The actor pointed out that it is not true that after the coming out the actors no longer work: “I am considering several proposals and soon the filming of a film will begin where I will play alongside Nicolas Cage, Eric Roberts and John Malkovich. The clichés that a homosexual actor stops working have no reason to exist.”

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As for gay actors who prefer not to come out, Garko was very liberal: “My colleagues who don’t come out? This is not about courage but about serenity: no one should feel obliged to do so just because someone from outside demands it loudly, we are all against violence and then – who knows why – we are the first to rape the interiority of an individual. Not declaring yourself doesn’t have to be a fault and coming out has to come from within. Although I had never talked about my sexuality, I have always lived it serenely in the family since I was 17 years old”.

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Is she single or engaged now? “Now I am single – concluded Gabriel – since I declared myself I have much more difficulty catching. “

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