Gabriel Garko talks about ares gate, coming out and how his life has changed now…

Gabriel Garko directly from the weekly Chi, on newsstands this week, tells once and for all his last months of “change”.

“I told those who owed the whole truth… I have nothing more to add and I hope that soon, for better or for worse, this bad story will shed light. It is absurd that life should take me back to the past all the time when I just want to look forward.” The reference is to the “Ares Gate” and the suicide of Teodosio Losito,with the affair at the center of the chronicles of the last few days for an open investigation in the prosecutor’s office.

Tarallo explains why Eva Grimaldi and Garko didn’t come out before: “Fiction audiences would never forgive him”

The actor says that he is tired of being in the midst of stories that, in his view, no longer concern him: “I have been working tirelessly for days, that my dad is not very well and that my name fills the pages of the newspapers. Nevertheless, I am calm, but I make no secret of the fact that it is not easy to bear this media pillory”. Garko’s outburst is very heartfelt: “Over the years I have been given the second-class actor, the “little finger“, the remade, the gay for convenience. It is established that my character is always seen in another way and I notice it every time I meet someone. It’s now a classic phrase: ‘I made you different'”.

Gabriel Garko vs. homophobic: “The real sick are you”

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