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Giuseppe Conte, Di Maio and Boldrini side with Fedez and the list of politicians… Grows!


In the list, which as the hours go by, of Fedez’s politicalsupporters, after the explosive intervention on the Stage of May 1st and the publication of the phone call with Rai, Giuseppe Conte also appears.

Fedez massacres the League and ProVita at the May 1st concert and talks about Ddl Zan: “Shame on you” (VIDEO)


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The former premier tweeted earlier:“I’m with Fedez. No censorship’,followed by a close-up of the singer, directly from last night’s concert. Guest at the Caffè della Domenica on Radio 24, the Secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta thanked the singer for the words on stage on May 1st: “We expect clear words from Rai, accusations and clarification. Then I want to thank Fedez, his strong words that we fully share, make it possible to break a taboo, that is, that we cannot talk about rights because we are in a pandemic. Dealing with a pandemic does not mean that you cannot fight for rights, ius soli, like ddl Zan»

Stefania Orlando, Aurora Ramazzotti and the Arcigay attack Pio and Amedeo: “We are tired of hearing about gay people on tv always like this”


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Laura Boldrini:“The country needs this law and needs independent voices ready to fight for freedom of expression”. Nicola Fratoianni, secretary of the Italian Left: “Words of a simple truth those of Fedez on the concertone stage: useless that now the League agitates, among them there are the champions of homophobia and hatred”.


HORROR: Fedez publishes the private phone call with Rai executives who wanted to censor his speech on homophobic leghisti (VIDEO)


Voices of consensus also from the 5 Star Movement. Starting with the former political leader Luigi Di Maio:“I have known Fedez for a long time, in addition to being a very talented singer he is a person who always puts his heart into everything he does. Every artist must have the opportunity to perform freely, expressing their ideas and showing their art”. Until Lucia Azzolina:“Salvini has never loved free people, thinking heads, those who tell him the things de visu. And, when he finds those who are not afraid, he unleashes himself with aggressive verbal language.


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