“Good morning Life” is Ultimo’s new single (VIDEO)

He announced this a few weeks ago with a post on Instagram, Ultimo returned just a few hours ago to publish his new single “Good morning life“.

An exciting ballad dedicated to the beauty of the small things that every day has to offer us, but also to the importance of never forgetting your dreams and those you are. For the presentation, the singer chose the magical setting of the Roman Colosseum. On stage only voice and piano, “Good morning life” and other repertory songs.

Last, the new single “7+3” is a song dedicated to the mother: “It’s my Christmas present”


The 40-minute live show was produced by Vivo Concerti and broadcast live on LIVENow. As expected it was a great public success, so much so that it sent the website literally crashing only after a few minutes.

Fiorella Mannoia returns with “Who knows where a song comes from”, written for her by Ultimo

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