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Here is the new version of “Siamo Donne” by Sabrina Salerno and Jo Squillo made for Net…

“Siamo Donne” by Sabrina Salerno and Jo Squillo is a torment from which it is impossible to get rid.

After the surprise October reunion for Name That Tune the two artists and colleagues did the encore, and this time they present a new version complete with official video clips of their workhorse.

Sabrina Salerno: “If I had been a lesbian certain problems I would not have had them”


The opportunity comes from Netflix. For the launch in Italy of the Sky Rojo Siamo Donne series by Sabrina Salerno and Jo Squillo was recorded again drawing from the contemporary sound, but without neglecting the energy of the original version. The choice is not random.

Jo Squillo flaunts maldives holidays and the web covers her with insults: “Respect those who are not as lucky as you”

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