Homophobia, Luciana Littizzetto’s beautiful letter to Senator Pillon: “Agit me…

Dear Pilli, Pipillone bello, Pillon de mi corazon that when you hear words that begin for omo or trans tremi. If they tell you trans-Siberian, transistor, transaminase, you get up, if they offer you a omogeineized you pull your nose hair as if they were bell ropes”. Thus begins the letter that, last night at What time she does on Rai3, Luciana Littizzetto read live on tv in favor of Ddl Zan.

Luciana Littizzetto comments on HOT emoticons and proposes more

“Explain to me, when you see two girls like that (kissing), what happens to you? Ribolli like a ribollita? If you see two men like that (hugging each other) gurgling and foaming, you sweat cold? Do you get urticaria? Do your ears pop up at the Little Child? I do more if I see two women being blinded like this or two men reduced like this- underlines the comedian showing photos of two women and two beaten men- Here, to me agitates hatred, not love, in whatever form she expresses herself. Sorry, Pillon, but how do you say this law isn’t a priority? By the way, it is a law that does not shorten anyone’s rights, but rather extends them. I tell you, look that civil society is way ahead of politics: there are things that cannot be stopped, they are unstoppable. Build walls, but if the people are in poverty, it will not be the walls that will stop them. And the same thing works with people’s rights. If the Zan Law passes, you can continue to make your homophobic thoughts. But the only shots we want to see around are lightning strikes.”

Luciana Littizzetto proposes her version of the homophobic hit “Io sono Giorgia” (VIDEO)

There is a decree called the Zan decree,proposed by PD Senator Alessandro Zan. The house approved it, and now, in the Senate… Zan! They blocked it. This Ddl simply says that if you insult or beat a person because of his sexual orientation or gender or his disability, you must face a fine or criminal conviction. That’s it. I don’t see what’s weird. On the contrary, It seems strange to me that there is not already such a decree. But I’m sorry. We’ve abolished racial segregation, the death penalty, we’ve outlawed honor killings, we’ve learned to build sewers and not throw shit out the windows, and we’re still here debating whether it’s permissible to insult or beat homosexuals?”

“Hello slut is not a compliment”, Luciana Littizzetto’s very hard attack against catcalling (VIDEO)

But then at this point we question everything, solet’s do it first. Driving back on the highway: let’s reconsider this option. Away the differentiated. Let’s throw the trash where we think you’re going. No, but have patience. Parliament passes dozens of absurd laws every year, continues The Littizzetto, from the one to regulate the size of the spadone pere and the minimum diameter of the horned clams, to how crooked cucumber can be without bothering Europe, to those who can make a vegetable to be considered at zero kilometer … and you can’t make a law to prevent a part of the population from being attacked and discriminated against? But I can’t believe it.”

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