Homophobia, Pillon insults the Littizzetto: “You are the celery gambino, you speak reading the veils …

“My dear Lucianina, Lucy, celery gambino, can I ask you a little question? But did you read the criminal code? And ddl Zan, did you read it? Or do you just read the veils that the Pd passes to you?” This is how Simone Pillon’s answer to the “letterina” that Luciana Littizzetto dedicated to him yesterday to Che Tempo Che Fa talking about ddl Zan begins.

He continues: “If you had read them you would have discovered something nice, and that is that already today, with the laws in force, “if you insult or beat a person because of his sexual orientation or his gender or his disability, you must suffer a financial or criminal sentence”. On the contrary, by applying the already in force Art. 61 you can get aggravated penalties for someone stupid or dangerous enough to assault someone else because they’re gay, or because they don’t think like him.”

Homophobia, Alessandra Mussolini also supports Ddl Zan: “Immediately the law”

“Ddl Zan – adds the Senator of the League – says that woman is not the person with xx chromosomes, but also a male who feels like a woman. And he has pink quotas, women’s sports competitions, women’s rights. Ddl Zan says that simple incitement to discrimination against LGBTQ+ rights will be punished, and since marriage and children are among the alleged rights, anyone who campaigns against gay marriage or the rented uterus will take 2 to 6 years in prison. Ddl Zan says that, under the pretext of the “national day against homophobia, biphobia, lesbophobia and transphobia” children must be taught from the age of 3, gender ideology”. “We, dear Luciana, respect everyone, and we do not want there to be some more equal than others. “

What Luciana Littizzetto said

“Dear Pilly… Beautiful pipillone… That when you hear words that start for Omo or Trans trembles. What if they say, “Trans-Siberian”? “Transistors, transaminases”? You get up,” is Littizzetto’s debut, before the escalation. “I am agitated by hatred, not love. In whatever form it expresses itself. Sorry Pillon… and I would like you to notice that I don’t wear the R even though I would be very tempted to do it…». «… Love is like the Sanremo Festival: it goeson anyway, despite the controversy and despite the fact that in the end you only have fun for five days …». «… The only thing we are asking – he continues – is to pass a law that punishes those who go around beating and insulting those who make sexual choices other than their own» Then Luciana Littizzetto takes her leave: “I say this to you beater too. Next time you feel the urge to clench your hand, direct it to the center of your legs.” Watch the video: Homophobia, Luciana Littizzetto’s beautiful letter to Senator Pillon: “I get hate, not love” (VIDEO)


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