HORROR ON TV, to “Next another” the contestant who: “He’s rich*e for fun” …

While in Italy there is a “fight” to get a law passed that will protection LGBTQ+ people from verbal and physical violence, here we get on TV, on Channel 5 and in a program that airs at 7 pm, a curtain that makes us understand how much even today we must fight to prevent all this from happening.


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I like to sing, dance and be a drag queen. My real name is Reginella (…) The drag queen would be a trans. I am a trans woman in moments of fun… the ric*hione! I like to do these things here, to amuse myself and to entertain others.”

-“Ah, do you do the ric*hione?”

-“The ric*hione as a hobby, because I like it so much. But I don’t just do ric*hione, I also play ball.

This is the horrible dialogue aired on TV between Esposito Aniello,a 31-year-old competitor resident in the province of Turin, but of Campania origin, and Paolo Bonolis in the episode of Avanti another aired on Canale 5 today, Saturday 3 April 2021. A scene destined to make discussion and that in these minutes is going viral on social media (you can watch the video below), where the indignation is always ready to mount. Vulgar and discriminatory or simply ironic and desecralling response? ” Bonolis, who has always been respectful and in favor ofadoptions to gay couples as well, with this curtainwas a disappointment to everyone,” commented one user. The debate is already open.


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