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“I am for polylove and I could fall in love with a woman too”, word of Willow, daughter …

Willow Smith,20, has always turned down labels. As early as last year, she publicly campaigned for polylove (Icould fall in love with aman and a woman). At the same time.’

Mary lives with a husband and 3 lovers: “I support polylove. It’s the best thing in life, so there’s no pressure.”

And now in an episode of the Red Table Talk program,broadcast via Facebook, she’s back on the subject. Speaking to mom Jada Pinkett and grandmother Adrienne Banfield Norris, the model and singer declared herself ‘proudly polyamorous’. Explaining the philosophy behind his choice: “Monogamy is antiquated, it often leads to cheating. The honesty of open relations with several partners is better.’

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Many people according to Willow are monogamous “just because they believe they have no other choice, because they believe that non-monogamy is immoral”. But monogamy is “the leading cause of betrayal and divorce.”

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The main foundation of polylove, on the other hand, ‘is freedom’. The one of one’s own, and that of the partners consciously involved in the same choice:“Let me give you an example. Put that you’re not the kind of person who wants to have sex all the time, while your partner is. What are you doing, you say, “Look, I don’t have these needs, so you can’t have themeither?” Willow explained that it was precisely these reasonings that brought her closer to polylove. Certainly not the desire to have more sexual opportunities:“In my group of friends, I am the only polyamorous person. And the one that has the least sex of all.”

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To Grandma Adrienne, Willow’s reasoning was not very clear. Mom Jada, on the other hand, was perfectly in agreement with her daughter. On the other hand, his marriage to Will Smith has lasted for 24 years precisely because it is not based on the legacies of monogamy: “We both think that we should not avoid what is natural, and it is inevitable to be attracted to otherpeople”, explained the actor some time ago. “So if you need to, you have to say to your partner, “Look, I’d like to have sex with that person. But I won’t if you don’t approve.” In our marriage vows we did not say “I promise to be faithful forever”. We said to ourselves: ‘You will always know in advance what I want to do’.

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