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Jane Fonda and the beautiful golden globe speech: “We carry on without fear the dive…

A magnificent Jane Fonda also won the seventh Golden Globe Award for her career.

The actress, who has always been at the forefront of people’s rights, recalled the strength of diversity in her powerful acceptance speech:

Thank you. Thank you to all the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, I am moved to receive this honor. We’re a community of storytellers, right? And in turbulent times and crises like the ones we’re experiencing, storytelling has always been essential. Stories have the ability to change our hearts and minds, they help us see each other in a new light, live empathy. Net of all our diversity, we’re first and mostly human beings, right? You know, I’ve seen a lot of diversity in my life, and sometimes I’ve had a lot of difficulty understanding the people I’ve met, but inevitably, if I have an open heart and i go to see below the surface, I feel a commonality.”

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“Stories, they can really change people. But there is a story that we have always been afraid in our industry, to see and hear. The story that reveals to us what are the voices we respect and value and which are the ones that we exclude and that we leave too often outside the rooms where decisions are made. So all of us, including the groups that decide who is hired and who should win the prizes, make an effort to expand our horizons so that everyone can raise everyone’s history so that they have a chance to be seen and heard. We are increasingly supporting the diversity that is emerging. In the past, we have already marched and fought for many causes and it is time to go back to doing so today. On the other hand, art has always been not only in step with history, but has opened up new avenues So, let’s try to be leaders, okay? Thank you, thank you very much.” concludes the actress.

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An endless career, dotted with awards, including 2 Oscars, which finds in this Golden Globe the right recognition towards a star who has always united talent and civil and social commitment.

To the applause of Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson and Viola Davis, Jane Fonda, from the stage of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, gave one of the most significant and important speeches of this Golden Globes.


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