Jennifer Lopez left Alex Rodriguez for treason? It all started during the…

Although the communiqué, the officialization of a marriage that does not have to be done, came by mutual agreement, signed by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, sources close to the couple are certain that it was the singer who said enough. “She’s been very sad lately, and I don’t think it would have been good for her to stay with Alex,” explained a friend of JLo’s, recounting how the popstar “insisted there were too many unresolved problems between them.”

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Some, then, would have been exacerbated by the lockdown that the Coronavirus imposed.

“They loved the chance to spend more time together, like a big family, but it’s hard to find the spark when you see each other every day,” another source, who remained anonymous, told People, who said that alex Rodriguez’s (again, alleged) betrayals weighed little.

When Jennifer Lopez left for the Dominican Republic, starring in a movie, the former American baseball star is said to have stretched her eye and hands on another woman.

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The news, bounced immediately, has never found a certain confirmation, but the mere hypothesis of having to face the emotional consequences of fear tomorrow would have led JLo to desist. “No matter if he cheated on her or not, JLo would not tolerate the fear of treason, hewould not allow it to creep in with each other,” the sources explained, recounting how the former couple is determined to stay on good terms, for the sake of the children and businesses started together.

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