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Matteo Salvini: “I say no to Ddl Zan because children need a mother and a dad and …

The debate that Fedez screwed during the May 1st Concert, addressed to homophobic politicians who criticize ddl Zan and to the rai leadership accused of attempts at censorship, moved to Canale 5 in the episode of ‘Domenica Live’on May 2nd that saw Matteo Salvini guest.

HORROR: Fedez publishes the private phone call with Rai executives who wanted to censor his speech on homophobic leghisti (VIDEO)

In liaison with Barbara d’Urso, the Leader of the Leghista reiterated his positions, stating that he strongly condemned the phrases of the leghisti exponents reported by the rapper in his speech: “They are disgusting, those who wish death must be cured. I condemn those who express themselves in such a bestial way,”he said, later going into the merits of the attempts at censorship at the centre of the debate: “If freedom exists, it exists for everyone, there must be no second-class or second-class artists. I do not see why Fedez can express himself and instead pio and Amedeo should be censored, which made millions of Italians laugh on Canale 5. The rai leaders did not put them myself, Rai 3 is deployed on the left, they agreed, the problem of the Italians is not Fedez anyway, but the restart, the real life. Those who attack, insult or threaten to die must be treated and punished regardless of skin colour and sexual orientation.”


Stefania Orlando attacks Salvini: “Why associate the rented uterus with gay couples when it is the straight who take advantage of it?”

Then, the hope of confronting Fedez also on tv: “Fighting is no use, we are experiencing a dramatic moment with people who are in the hospital. I am ready for a tv confrontation with Fedez, also here at Canale 5″.

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