Naples, the LGBTQ+ association “i Ken” returns to talk about discrimination in schools


Meeting between school, parents, student representatives and LGBT associations, the Ken – Rainbow Center Napoli tells you how it went:

In the morning we accompanied the family of the young transgender boy to the meeting with the school leader of the Gian Battista Vico Institute in Naples for a meeting on the theme of inclusion and non-discrimination in the school where a pupil and his class had begun a strike aimed at recognizing some “new” rights for the school and for the person involved, deriving from condition T.

The meeting was attended by both the Association i Ken and the Arcigay association of Naples, who were able to dialogue and discuss with the school, with the family of the young student and the class representatives of III H.
For our part, we can say without any doubt that the climate we breathed was relaxed and of total availability, listening and attention. The Headmistress, Prof. Clotilde Paisio, seemed sufficiently motivated to listen and accept proposals that would provide students and students of her school and teaching staff with means and tools to make the school more inclusive.


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The school, as mentioned by the same manager, has already welcomed LGBT associations in thepast for a communication against discrimination, the Manager has shown interest and appreciation for the ability of the class to make a group to protect the trans gender student although, she reserved to express her displeasure with some information disclosed and probably the result of misunderstanding and misunderstanding.

Therefore, it is our opinion that what we have heard today is fully in line with a friendly attitude of the school that has expressed adherence to the principles and acceptance to the requests of students to which it has added the willingness of the school to welcome projects and collaborations with local associations for an “open and inclusive school”.

He offered willingness to the family and our association to meet the student and the family to start with him and to find together a dimension of full inclusion and sustainability for what remains of this school year, practically non-existent.

The headmistress has therefore renewed her intentions to reschedule initiatives and training for the next school year, also achieving the provisions of the recent regional law against homophobia and transphobia of the Campania Region.

The family of the G.B. Vico student wants to communicate through the association the Ken and the Rainbow Center Napoli counters that they have received from the school and the Principal Prof. Paisio, welcome and willingness to listen to the requests and needs of their son and to have left the meeting certain that from this episode the actors – the school, the children, the families – can all receive a benefit in terms of awareness and well-being also through the support of the association the Kens.


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