Paolini denounces Lady Gaga: “She will donate damages to charity to gypsies and ba…

Gabriele Paolini denounced Lady Gaga. That’s right, it was the TV disturber who communicated it via social media.

The man allegedly denounced the star, who was engaged in Rome on the set of House Of Gucci, to the public prosecutor’s office in the capital for being kicked out of Lady Gaga’s private security inside the film set.

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In the late afternoon of yesterday, March 30, 2021, the man, since 2002 inserted within the “Guinness Book of Records”, for his 35,000 ‘cathode sabotage’ has experienced bad moments. In fact, paolini had exceeded the reviews of the armored set of the well-known American singer, in Rome, to shoot the film on Gucci. The irony of fate wanted it to be “Talenti”, the district of Rome, chosen for the new filming of the film. Neighborhood where Gabriele Paolini has lived with his mother for over 44 years.

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” As soon as I entered the space set upfor the set of the film with Lady Gaga – Paolini told Affari Italiani – the Private Security of the Production of the film was alerted and I was thrown out of the same set with great strength”. Logical consequence that the next day was protected not only by security but also by about fifty municipal police officers and state police.

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Gabriele Paolini denounced Lady Gaga at 3.00 pm, in civil court and announces on Facebook that he will ” donate any damagesto charity to gypsies and bums“.

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