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Pio and Amedeo close with a bang and condemn the political correctness: “Ricchio*e, froc*o…

“It was nice fora thousand reasons, but distracting yourself a bit and seeing the people around us go back to work was an injection of happiness to the heart. Thank you, thank you very much.” With this message, the Foggian comedians Pio and Amedeo greeted the audience at the end of the third and final episode of “Felicissima Sera“, a show that aired on Friday evenings on Canale 5.

Also yesterday it was a public success for the comedy duo, the most viewed of the evening with 4.3 million viewers and 22.5% share; beat the competition of Top 10, Carlo Conti’s program on Rai 1 that closed with 3.6 million and 16.4%.

ignorance comes back to the surface, because self-irony in my opinion is when you perculate yourself, unless they are gay and /or black and we have not noticed.. here it is only a question of inciting the use of these terms. #pioeamedeo #FelicissimaSera

— luigi grosu (@LuigiGrosu) May 1, 2021

Some controversy for the monologue of the two Foggians on language: “We should not be ashamed to say the word ‘neg*o’ because malice in the word counts, intention counts. If the intention is bad, then it is to be condemned. Political correctness has rutt’ u’ ca**”.

Words matter more than the meaning you put into it. The real difference is the nastiness, the intentionbegins Amedeo Grieco reviewing different clichés and sending a clear message – You have to be able to joke about everything, because the problem is not language. In the face of ignorance, the most disarming thing is a good laugh.”

Checco Zalone and Helen Mirren together in the new hit “La Vacinada”: here is the pro-vaccine video shot in Salento (VIDEO)

The words of Amadeus Griecus in the sketch on forbidden terms. Someone has twisted their nose a little, ok the irony as it is also true that there is too much hypocrisy behind political correctness,precisely, but words are and remain important. On social media, opinions differ between those who applauded the monologue and those who rejected it without appeal. The fanpage magazine,one of the most followed on the web, asks itself a question: ” The key tothe success of Pius and Amadeus is this. They bring to the stage the climate of the table among friends (males, all males) where they speak lightly. Sometimes even just for the sake of it, to recreate that sweet noise that was adolescence. You understand, don’t you, that there’s a difference between a board and television?  It’s a delicate historical moment. Words help us, they are important weapons that can bring about that change of perspective that our country needs. If nothing else, depending on how you use them, words reveal who you are and which side you want to be on. Are you sure that Pio and Amedeo’s is the right part?”

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