Rapper Alfa inundated with insults for a gay kiss: “So promote homosexuality” (VIDE…

Music is like sexuality: it no longer has genres.” Alfa, a young singer who turned towards pop and pop from the free style of which he was enfant prodige, has migrated to rap, with round-trip tickets, depending on the inspiration.

Madame: “Straight women, my drug. They’re harder to achieve, and that’s my goal.”

Andrea De Filippi, genoese of Quarto dei Mille, aka Alfa after releasing his new single “Snob“, has found himself breaking down barriers, in sex, it is not yet as obvious as in music.

The singer was inundated with insults and protests over a “gay” kiss exchanged in the video for the single with a friend and colleague. “So promote homosexuality“, they wrote to him on social media and again: “Shame on you”, “ugly froc**“.

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