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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 gets fast charging and titanium Pro version

Samsung wasn’t just on the foldable smartphones. The company took advantage of its Galaxy Unpacked event to also introduce the brand’s new generation of smartwatches. Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro bring larger batteries, fast charging, temperature sensor, and wear OS and One UI Watch software news.

First, let’s show what the two versions, regular and Pro, have in common.
Both use the Exynos W920 processor (dual-core, clocked at 1.18 GHz), the same as the previous generation. RAM and storage also did not change: 1.5 GB and 16 GB, respectively.

In sensors, a novelty: the watches have a body temperature sensor. Thus, it is easier to track fever during colds and flu, for example, but not only that: the tool also serves to track sleep and menstrual cycle.
The Galaxy Watch 5 has 40 mm and 44 mm versions. The smallest has 1.2-inch screen, and the largest, 1.4 inches.

They bring AMOLED technology and feature the Always-On Display feature. The protection is sapphire crystal.

In terms of design, little news. The watch body is aluminum and continues with the round shape of the previous generation. The smaller version has options of graphite, silver and golden rose; the largest, graphite, silver and sapphire.

On the software part, they continue to have the same platform as the previous model, Wear OS. The Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro run Wear OS 3.5 with the customization of the Samsung One UI Watch 4.5.
The batteries have grown and should give some more time away from the outlet.

The 40mm model now comes with a 284 mAh battery capacity, while the 44 mm has a 410 mAh. The previous generation had batteries of 247 mAh and 361 mAh, respectively.

Samsung promises 40 hours in length. In practice, the Galaxy Watch 4 lasted 24 hours away from the shot with the screen always on. The new batteries should guarantee a few more hours.

Another advantage in this respect is the new 10W charger — the previous generation had a 5 W. With it, it is possible to reduce the time in the socket and have the device ready for use more quickly. Samsung promises that half an hour is enough to charge the device up to 45%.

The Pro version, as its name implies, is the most advanced. It comes only in the size of 45 mm and has a titanium body.

The bracelet is also different and features a traditional buckle clasp. The screen is the same as the 44 mm Watch 5, with 1.4 inch.
The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is also heavier, with 46.5 g — the 44 mm Galaxy Watch 5 weighs 33.5 g, for example. Part of this weight is also due to the larger battery, with a capacity of 590 mAh, more than double the 40 mm Watch 5, which has 284 mAh.
Longtime fans of Samsung watches will notice the absence of the Classic version, which was in the Galaxy Watch 4 family.

It had as main differential the rotating crown, which was one of the main differentials of the smartwatches of the brand in the times of the Tizen system.

None of this year’s models feature the feature, which seems to have been abandoned in the transition to Wear OS.

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