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Sandra Milo at 88 the first David to her career: “I am grateful to the great directors with…

Sandra Milo will receive the David for Career during the 66th edition of the David di Donatello Awards.

This was announced by Piera Detassis, President and Artistic Director of the Italian Film Academy – David di Donatello Awards, in agreement with the Board of Directors composed of Francesco Rutelli, Carlo Fontana, Nicola Borrelli, Francesca Cima, Luigi Lonigro, Mario Lorini, Domenico Dinoia, Edoardo De Angelis, Francesco Ranieri Martinotti, Giancarlo Leone. The award will be awarded on May 11th as part of the award ceremony.

Sandra Milo: “Femininity today is much more in gays, women are masculinizing”

“I am grateful to the great records with which I have worked and grateful to my children who have taught me patience and so I have been able to wait for this award too”. So Sandra Milo commented hotly and enthusiastically on the news of david to the career she has just received. And with equal enthusiasm he says that he is about to leave for Milan to star in Walter Palemenga’s ‘Oystersand ‘American Coffee’: “A theatrical video in which I play a Drag Queen and which shows, if there was still a need, that we are all the same”.

Sandra Milo, shock revelation: “I get nude photos from males on Instagram”

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