Sanremo, Orietta Berti chased by police for violating curfew

Orietta Berti violates the curfew and stops her from the police. The hilarious story comes from the singer herself, in connection with “La vita in diretta”, a few hours after the start of the Sanremo Festival in which she participates.

Sanremo 2021, Orietta Berti sings a mother’s love for her gay son in “When You Fell In Love”

“It was 10.05 pm – he explains – and from Bordighera (where he stays, ed)I went to collect the clothes at the Hotel Globo (in Sanremo, ed.). Three police cars chased me and stopped me. “Where’s she going?” they asked me. “To pick up the clothes, ” I answered. “At this hour?” And if I don’t like them, they have to fix it. They followed me to the Globe because they didn’t believe it, they accompanied me to see if I was telling the truth.

Orietta Berti: “My stylist for the Sanremo Festival is the same as Achille Lauro and Maneskin”

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