Scazzo on TV between Bonolis and Paola Barale: “Thank you for coming. And don’t come back!”

Nervi tense to Avanti another on Canale 5 between the host Paolo Bonolis and the exceptional guest of the last evening episode, Paola Barale.

The curtain between the two, perhaps studied or perhaps improvised, runs on the thread of irony but also seems to hide a little “restlessness”. In the studio, vices and new frontiers are tackled and Barale has succeeded in the feat of having both Bonolis and her sidekick Luca Laurenti disguised as women.

Boom in America for Tom & Jerry’s movie with Bonolis and Laurenti (VIDEO)

When the two return to the studio, complete with a long skirt, the Mediaset host seems a little embarrassed and remembers Barale: “Thank you for coming. And don’t come back!”

“This is modernity, in Milan you dress like this”joked the host. “Am I going to see Inter at the San Siro tanned in this way?”asks Bonolis, never seen so dispassed.

Paolo Bonolis: “Just make judgments about homosexuality! What’s wrong if a child grows up with two men?”

Bonolis guests usually cash in and sketch. Not the Barale, also famous for its smoky character. Not by chance, immediately after laurenti’s parade in women’s clothes (with immediate and kind comment from the bonolis partner, “you suck”), here is the replica of mike bongiorno’s legendary former valet:

Thank you for the invitation, which I did not receive from you, but from the highest person in charge of the broadcast: your wife.” And when Paola calls into question Sonia Bruganelli, Bonolis’ counter-joke is lightning fast: “That’s why there was no audience”. But Barale does not give up her grip and teases the two boys: “Sonia, your wife, tellsme that you dress with glue, that is, you put glue on yourself and stick the first clothes you find in the closet”. And to poor Laurenti: “You Too Luke, from Good Sunday always equal you have remained“.


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