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Stefania Orlando, Aurora Ramazzotti and the Arcigay attack Pio and Amedeo: “We are tired of …

There are many controversies that are inflaming the web after the monologue of Pio and Amedeo aired on Friday 30 April, on Canale 5.

The monologue on homosexuals has ended up at the center of the controversy: Stefania Orlando, the vice president of Arcigay and Aurora Ramazzotti have commented in a negative way.

During one of the monologues, the comedy duo began: “You can’t say the word r….., you have to say ‘gay’ anymore.” The intent of the conductors was to explain that it would not be the word that would cause psychological harm, but the way it is said.

Pio and Amedeo close with a bang and condemn the political correctness: “Ricchio*e, froc*o, Jews and blacks. Self-irony is the only vaccine nostor”

The comic duo’s monologue didn’t go unnoticed by Stefania Orlando. The Roman showgirl wanted to express her point of view on terms deemed “politically incorrect”. The person directly concerned quidted: “But what do white men know about the discomfort that black men can feel in being called ne….”.


Stefania Orlando attacks Salvini: “Why associate the rented uterus with gay couples when it is the straight who take advantage of it?”

Stefania asked herself the same question about homosexualpeople: “What do heterosexual men know about the discomfort gay men feel in being called fr…?”. To echo the thought expressed by Stefania Orlando, the vice president of the Arcigay in Rome took care of it. Pietro Turano explained to that Pius and Amadeus have peddled as a “revolutionary” discourse what would be a banal monologue. The person directly concerned pointed out that it is not a question of irritability, but of little endurance: “We have grown tired of hearing about us on tv for 40 years always and only in this way”.

According to Turano, it would be unacceptable to challenge Gay Pride. Pius and Amadeus, in fact, have stated that they would never dream of doing a “Hetero Pride“, Turano pointed out that the comparison would not be relevant since heterosexuals were never discriminated against from a sentimental point of view.

Aurora Ramazzotti called Pio and Amedeo “presumptuous”. The reason? No one should be able to determine what is right and wrong in a battle. According to the daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti, only those who really feel a certain discomfort or fear can establish a word that is offensive to them or not. The girl explained that she did not want to hear the words used by the comedy duo at all, because they could be offensive.

“Babylon”, the video for Stefania Orlando’s new single was released. Ready to dance it all summer?

Although Pio and Amedeo’s intention was to invite people to weigh their words, public opinion split.

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