Tv brawl between Tommaso Zorzi and Platinette at the Costanzo Show: “I don’t want to represent …

Moments of unprecedented tension at the Maurizio Costanzo Show between Tommaso Zorzi and Platinette.

The clash began when the influencer was still at Big Brother VIP and had threatened to “give two slaps” to Mauro Coruzzi, aka Platinette, for his judgment on homosexuals “victimists”. Side note: Both are declared gays and in fact express two diametrically opposed views. And Constantius, for the first time, put them in front of each other.

Platinette massacres Tommaso Zorzi: “He is violent and is the most treacherous of the house”

Contrary to what Thomas may think, if I do not represent Italian homosexuals it is because I do not want to represent anyone. Each of us is done differently. Since you promised me two slaps from the Big Brother House I would like to know if you still want to give them to me.” Zorzi, between the crass and the embarrassed, seems much less spied on than the experiences of gfvip and, now, in the studio at theIsland of the Famous. Perhaps Platinette has displaced him with his frontal assault: “The speech is very simple – he declares -: if you go out with interviews on the Zan Law, the Law for Rights…“.

Tommaso Zorzi returns to talk about Platinette: “It sucks. If no one fought for the rights, she wouldn’t be on tv.”

Platinette is fierce and immediately interrupts him, stating: ” Itwas not the Zan law yet. If you quote, you quote well, if I may teach you anything.” Zorzi continues: “You were talking about homosexuals complaining about homophobic aggression and you called it an LGBT victimism.” Another interruption by Platinette: “That’s not true, go and reread the interview. My complaint was that I hate that gay couples of men rent the uterus because it is not an oven to make children in their image and likeness. Homosexuals have an exaggerated sense of victimism. I don’t want to represent anyone.”Forgive me – conclude Zorzi -, but in the privileged position where you could express yourself differently, more forgiving for the LGBT community”.

Platinette nauseated for too many gays on TV attacks Urtis: “It’s time to slip into the sarcophagus”. And on Zorzi he says… (VIDEO)


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