Windows 11 brings back basic features of the taskbar and Start menu

Microsoft is preparing news for Windows 11. Or rather, resuming some functions: the company brought back the drag-and-drop gesture from the taskbar and the Start menu folders. For now, changes are only available to those who participate in the Windows Insiders testing program.

The news came to a head in compilation 22557. The update certifies the return of the function to drag and drop items in apps from the taskbar. The feature, it is worth remembering, is not a novelty, as it was available in other versions of the operating system. Microsoft, however, did not include the gesture in the release of Windows 11.

The gesture speeds up access to applications. In an explanation given by Microsoft, just click on a Word document, for example, and drag it over the Outlook icon in the taskbar. Then, when the program opens in the foreground, just drop the file into the composition box to attach it to an email.

This is not the only resource that has returned to the system. Windows 11 users can now also create folders in the Start menu. “Just drag one app on top of another to create a folder,” Microsoft said on the Windows blog. “You can add more apps to a folder, reorganize apps in a folder, and remove apps from a folder.”

Microsoft will also add other improvements to the tool in the future, such as the ability to name and rename folders.

The list of novelties includes other tools. This is the case with Task Manager, which has now been updated to suit the look of Windows 11. The system has also received an “efficiency mode”, function that is being released gradually and reduces the performance of apps that are consuming many resources to help save the computer’s battery.

Still about efficiency, Microsoft has modified the default values for sleep and screen-off modes. The idea is that the amendment offers a reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions when the computer is idle. Windows settings will also provide recommendations to help save pc battery.

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