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Netflix reduces subscription price by up to half in several countries

The Wall Street Journal found that Netflix has lowered the price of several of its subscription plans in more than 30 countries around the world. Although the changed values vary from market to market, in some places the decrease came up to half the price of what was hitherto charged.

According to the WSJ, the move, which has been put in place in recent weeks, aims to attract and retain customers who increasingly have streaming service options to hire.

Although not all affected countries have been disclosed, it is known that the U.S. and Canada were left out of the selection, while markets such as Jordan, Libya, Iran, Kenya, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Venezuela were directly involved.

In addition to them, according to Cord Cutters News, are also on the list Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Slovakia. Places of the Balkan Peninsula whose basic plan of the platform went from € 7.99 to € 4.99, the standard plan jumped from € 9.99 to € 7.99 and the premium plan went from € 11.99 to € 9.99.

Change goes against the market
Netflix’s decision to reduce the value of its subscription in so many countries is a surprise to many people. After all, other streaming and the platform itself have been driving the industry in the opposite direction, increasing the price of its services from time to time.

Although surprising, the measure has everything to be beneficial to the company, especially when we consider the competitiveness of the market and how much the subscription price is one of the most important features for the user’s choice.

Already in force in some Latin American countries, in addition to Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, the system tracks users who are frequently using the service outside the main residence, inviting the customer to hire a sub account for them.

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