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Pixel 8a: 37 days after its release, the price of the latest Google is already at an all-time high

AliExpress doesn’t stop and is now running a series of promotional periods, now with the summer sale from June 17 to 23. To celebrate the arrival of summer, AliExpress offers numerous discounts and other discounts on a selection of recent tech products that are very popular with the general public.

Among the latter, we find the Google Pixel 8a, the excellent ultra-secure smartphone that shows itself at 397 euros instead of 549 thanks to a discount and the promotional code SSFR40 or FRSS40.

This is a nice discount of almost -30% that allows you to save no less than 152 euros on your purchase. This is a unique opportunity that will allow you to buy this ultra-recent smartphone that combines all its qualities, at the lowest price ever observed to date.

To find out what’s on offer on the Pixel 8a, it’s here:

For this purchase, AliExpress offers you a very fast delivery in just three working days with the possibility of choosing the delivery address, anywhere in France. On this order, you have a lot of protections with a refund if the items are damaged, if the package is lost, or if the item is not delivered after 45 days.

AliExpress offers you the free return option, which allows you to send your return at no extra cost within 15 days of receipt. Finally, you get a two-year warranty on your Pixel 8a that allows you to be protected from the slightest design or reliability issue on your smartphone.

With the Google Pixel 8a, choose security. Whether it’s your data, with great protection. But also in terms of purchase, since this Pixel 8a is a safe bet. Visually, you can count on a beautiful 6.1-inch (approx. 15.5 cm) LTPO OLED screen, which is compatible with HDR10+. You’re entitled to a Full HD+ resolution of 1080×2400 pixels, up to 120Hz at refresh rate for perfect smoothness. If you like video games, this will be optimal.

Discover the prowess of the Google G3 Tensor processor (4nm process) which offers an ultra-secure architecture to better protect your data. At a time when cyberattacks and hacks are on the rise, it’s important to protect yourself properly. In addition to great power and performance, the Google Tensor G3 processor is capable of delivering great performance in terms of security. The Google Pixel 8a is offered in different versions with a 128GB model with 8GB of RAM. As well as a 256GB model with, again, 8GB of RAM in RAM.

The Pixel 8a also performs very well in terms of photos and videos, thanks to a dual camera system on the back of the mobile with a 64 MP main lens and a 13 MP ultra-wide-angle lens. On the front of the smartphone, you’ll find a 13MP front camera, ideal for video calls or taking your best selfies.

The Google Pixel 8a has multi-language support, with all Google services. It is equipped with a fingerprint system (for unlocking, for contactless payment or for accessing confidential information). Of course, it’s compatible with Bluetooth and Wifi, not to mention NFC for contactless payments. Finally, you should know that the Pixel 8a has a dual SIM slot (with a Nano SIM and an eSIM) that allows you to use the phone both at work and at home.

To finish with the features of the Pixel 8a, it’s important to talk about the battery life part. Thanks to the Google Tensor G3 processor and the excellent 4492 mAh battery, your smartphone is durable and can last several hours without worry. Thanks to fast charging, it will still be possible to recover a large part of your autonomy in a few minutes of charging. This way, you will hardly be able to run out of battery.

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