Samsung Galaxy M33 coming with 5G and mega battery

Samsung Galaxy M32 (photo in the opening) has not even turned six months since the arrival in Italy, but it is already time to think about its successor: it will be called Galaxy M33, and will have the Exynos 1200 SoC. At least, that’s what transpires from the sighting of a prototype in the database of the Benchmarking Platform Geekbench.

It is not the first time that the Exynos 1200 has been sighted, a chip that has not yet been announced: it was talked about just a few days ago in relation to another samsung midrange, the Galaxy A53. In fact, the differences between the A53 and M33 seem few, except for the battery. Using the model code of the smartphone, namely SM-M336BU, it was possible to trace that of the battery, namely EB-BM336ABN, which was recently certified in South Korea with a capacity of 6,000 mAh. Plausible even considering that it is the same value seen on the battery of Galaxy M32.

As for Galaxy A53 for now nothing is known, but it is safe to assume that even in that case the battery will not differ much from what was seen on the previous iterations of the model, so around 4,500 mAh. For the rest, the Geekbench page shows us that the tested device mounts native Android 12 and has 6 GB of RAM; for the software version there should be no doubts, while for the memory speech it is likely that, as usual, Samsung will offer several cuts.

It is difficult to predict the timing of the launch of the device: it is based on Android 12, which is only now starting to arrive on the top of the range. Probably Samsung will want to leave a bit of exclusivity to its Galaxy S22, now in the final stretch, and then devote itself to the mid-range. Summarizing: the hypothesis that seems most plausible to us is late winter / early spring, but you never know. The mobile landscape is very volatile and strategies change quickly to stay at the top.

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