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New Free Microsoft Teams won’t import data from your current version

Users of the free version of Microsoft Teams will have a surprise on April 12. On the date, Microsoft announced that it will release an updated version of the platform’s free mode. Although newer, this new version will not have the option to transfer files from the current account, forcing the user to save their information on their own or hire some of their subscription plans.

Called Microsoft Teams (free), this new version comes to replace the current Microsoft Teams Free (classic). Despite the similar name, the new service has no link to the old one and will require the user to create a new account to use it.

In this case, to keep the files you already own, he must save them before April 12 and manually transfer them to his new account.

If laziness speaks louder and the user doesn’t mind touching the pocket to solve the problem, they can also upgrade your account. One of the options is to upgrade it to Microsoft Teams Essentials, thus maintaining access to all chats, files, teams, and meetings you have.

This Microsoft Teams plan includes unlimited group meetings for up to 30 hours, up to 300 people per meeting, and 10 GB of cloud storage per user. All this for the amount of R$ 21.40 per user/month.

The new free version of Teams includes unlimited group meetings for up to 60 minutes, up to 100 people per meeting, and 5 GB of cloud storage per user.

While it’s not a problem for Microsoft to release a new free version of Teams, it’s at least surprising the lack of automatic portability of the change, which would make it much more practical to transfer the user between accounts.

The company, however, was not the only one to have ever “shuffled” during the launch of a product, just look at what happened recently with Google Meet and Duo to have an example.

Last year, Google announced that it would bring the two services together in one app, adding their functions and making it easier for the user to switch between platforms.

To do so, however, they decided to upgrade the Duo interface, bring meet features to the program, and start calling it “Google Meet” – while the old Meet came to be called “Meet Original”.

A rather messy move, which caused confusion in the minds of many users.

While this time the issue of portability is Microsoft’s only “problem,” the company’s lack of support can also annoy many people. And in some cases, it’s even a discouraging factor for users to register for the new service.

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