Batman already has date to reach hbo max subscribers

The Batman, or simply Batman, the new Batman film, is in Brazilian theaters. Soon it will also reach hbo max streaming for all subscribers at no additional cost – and we already know the date of when this should happen, if the plans do not change, there by mid-April next.

Warner has already confirmed that, for 2022 onwards, it will maintain the strategy of reducing the window of its movies between movies and streaming. So The Batman and other film premieres arrive on HBO Max 45 days after landing on the big screens. The break period was even mentioned by Jason Kilar, director of WarnerMedia, speaking to vox record.

This puts the premiere of the Film Batman on the platform for April 19, a Tuesday, exactly 46 days later, accounting for the official premiere as March 3. The date may have a slight varied of days, for more, in the same way that it occurred with Matrix Resurrections in Brazil, but it certainly shouldn’t be much different from that.

It is worth remembering that in 2021, Warner’s plan was another. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in theaters, the company defined that all its premieres would arrive in theaters and HBO Max at the same time in the U.S. The plan was not worth it to Brazil, but here we follow the same current window of 45 days that is currently valid for the whole world.

Anyway, the current scenario is a huge evolution of what we had until a few years ago, when a movie could take up to six months to be released in physical media after the movies – and even longer to get to the few streams that existed.

The Batman is dark adventure
Inspired by comics such as Batman Ego and Batman Year Zero, the film The Batman puts the hero again fighting crime in Gotham City, two years after starting his career as a masked vigilante.

Played by Robert Pattinson, the new Batman is filled with violent, dark and more realistic moments than in most recent superhero films, including productions in which we had Batman with another actor in the role, as it was in Justice League – there the hero was lived by Ben Affleck.

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