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iPhone 15 Pro: “the machine we need” assures this Apple executive

Great new features were rolled out by Apple in iOS 18, but not all the iPhones to support the update gets to experience it in the same manner. In fact, one model in particular stands out: is the iPhone 15 Pro. The highest-end device sold by Apple today will be the only one to benefit from the big software novelty of the year: Apple Management.

But if the Apple brand has made this strong choice, setting aside billions of devices, it assures that it had a good reason. While its competitors Google and Samsung have already launched AI-related solutions, Apple wanted to go even further with the release of iOS 18.

The arrival of these new products must not compromise the core values of the Cupertino company. Tim Cook’s teams have been adamant on one point, the confidentiality of user data. The arrival of Apple Intelligence shouldn’t make iPhones a bottomless pit of personal data, where advertisers would come fishing for the perfect customer.

But reconciling the novelties of artificial intelligence with such a level of data privacy has not been an easy challenge for Apple’s engineers. The latter knew that they would have to put aside several models (a few years old). In the words of John Giannandrea, Apple’s head of artificial intelligence/machine learning, this choice was made to make the experience as rich and natural as possible.

As he explains in an interview with Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, it was possible to run Apple Intelligence on older, less powerful iPhones, but the feature would be so power-hungry and resource-intensive that it would take long seconds, if not minutes, to deliver a result. A waiting time that made the function “useless” in Giannandrea’s words.

When asked “is it a way to sell more iPhones,” Apple’s vice president replied “no.” Craig Federighi has assured that the iPhone 15 Pro is “the machine you need” to make such an option work. Adding this feature to other devices is therefore not on Apple’s agenda.

Apple Intelligence will be the big star of iOS 18, the first stable, consumer version of which is expected to be available in September. For the most impatient, you can already test the new features of iOS 18 before anyone else by installing a beta version of the update. Be warned, however, these versions often have significant bugs and have difficulty running third-party applications.

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