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iPhone SE Review (2022): Betting on The Extremes

The iPhone SE (2022) is a curious design. After all, how can Apple launch an “affordable” phone with old design and powerful hardware? Two years ago, many people seemed to have looked at this well with the second generation of the SE, but what about now in 2022? The truth is that, amid controversy, this handset is important to the company and many consumers should choose to it to get away from the more expensive iPhones.

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The third generation iPhone SE was launched in Brazil with prices starting at R$ 4,199. It is equipped with one of the best processors of today, the A15 Bionic of the iPhone 13. It even has 5G technology support, IP67 protection and only one camera. Who should buy this phone? I’ve tested the iPhone SE in the last few weeks to answer that and other questions.

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The latest iPhone SE has a very familiar and of course “retro” look. Apple reused the entire design of the 2017 iPhone 8, which at the same time harks back to the iconic iPhone 6, released in 2014. Looking at the present times, it is undeniable: unfortunately the third generation SE has a dated visual language and completely escapes the standards to the present day, when we look at the other devices available on the market.

But Apple’s resistance has its strengths. The SE is small and light, so it fits easily in my hand. In the pocket of the pants, it is very discreet, something rare nowadays, since big screen became a trend. These characteristics still make me think that the SE becomes an interesting option for children and for those people who do not adapt well to larger devices.

If in design it does not surprise, in construction is the same thing, however this is not negative. Apple continues to work with excellent materials, glass and aluminum, that help make the phone more sophisticated. Another strong point is IP67 protection, which ensures a certain resistance against water and dust.

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