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Google Drive: web version gets a new look and more features

Google Drive is rolling out a new version of the default homepage to the web version. In particular, the Home area debuts with several usability improvements and Machine Learning support.

According to the big tech, the small redesign aims to make it simpler to search for important files. The goal is to “help you get started quickly” on daily tasks with new filters and folder and document viewing options.

The Home area of Google Drive benefits greatly from Machine Learning. For example, the new home page shows documents that you’ve recently edited or attached to Google Calendar appointments. You can also see changed details in spreadsheets.

The update expands the filter options a bit more. In addition to searching for files or folders, the user can search by file type, people, date modified, and location.

The new look brings the Google Drive homepage in line with Google’s Material You 3 design. According to the company, this reformulation seeks to make the platform more efficient for any type of user.

When will the Home area be available in Google Drive?
The Home area of Google Drive is gradually rolling out to all Workspace users with personal accounts. Meanwhile, enterprise customers will have to wait until January 2024 to receive the redesign.

To see the new section, the person must access the platform directly by Then, they will be redirected to the redesigned homepage and learn about the Machine Learning-based functionalities.

If the user prefers to keep the My Drive area as the default home page, just click on the blue banner with the message “Switch to ‘My Drive'”. You can also make this change in Settings (gear icon in the top right corner).

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