Google Meet adiciona filtros e máscaras para se equiparar ao Zoom

Google Meet has received new options to give video calls a more animated tone. Just like in Zoom, users of the Google platform will be able to apply filters and masks during video conferences since last Wednesday (7). The novelty is now available in the service apps for Android and iOS.

The update brings options to provide moments of relaxed meeting. Users can now also resort to different styles, as well as blur or include an image in the background of the call. Thus, it is possible to leave the image captured by the front camera in black and white, apply a retro style and more.

Users can also resort to special filters to give a more animated tone. This is the case of kitten, dog and dinosaur masks, for example, as shown in the image below. You can also wear glasses, or even put an octopus on your head, among several other possibilities.

What’s new is now available to those who own Google Meet for Android and iOS on their phone or tablet. To use the effects, simply use the same procedure to change the background. Then, when accessing the selector, you just need to drag the options to the side or tap “Styles” or “Filters” to choose the desired effect.

Google Meet: option to raise your hand receives improvements
In mid-June, the option to raise google’s hand was improved. With the update, Google has implemented changes to make all participants pay attention if any members trigger the feature. Among them is the optimization in the icon that appears when someone wants to manifest in the conversation.

The other change is for an audible warning that will play when someone raises their hand. The layout of the blocks will also change if a call participant presses the button. The notification will still take the user to a list with an ordered queue of those who want to comment or ask for something.

Google also introduced, in the same week, support for the TLS protocol (Transport Layer Security). According to the company, the update arrives to expand the overall compatibility of the feature. The news began to be released to subscribers of Google Workspace and G Suite on the last day 16.

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