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TikTok Notes, Instagram’s rival, is close to launch

ByteDance, owner of TikTok, is close to launching TikTok Notes, a social network for photos. On Tuesday (9), the app had its official website released, but the page was quickly deleted by ByteDance. TikTok users also received a statement about the launch of the new platform, which aims to rival Instagram.

The TikTok Notes website has been saved to the Wayback Machine, allowing people to see what’s on the first version page. The site’s main reveal is the supposed icon of the social network, which differs from the one found in March, when a search of TikTok’s codes showed a logo that used the old colors of the video app — and the name TikTok Photos.

TikTok Notes integrated with traditional TikTok
In a notification sent to some TikTok users (whose image was published on Reddit), the text informs that users will be able to automatically share on TikTok Notes the publications that contain only photos. The Chinese social network has had the option to publish a carousel of images since October 2022.

The text confirms that the integration between photos published on TikTok and TikTok Notes will be standard. The user, upon receiving this notification, will be able to choose to turn off the automatic sharing of photos between the two platforms. This functionality is reminiscent of Instagram and its option to publish the images on Facebook as well.

In response to TechCrunch, the first outlet to find the TikTok Notes page, ByteDance said it is exploring ways to empower the community to create and share photos and text in a dedicated place. The “Notes” in the name already suggests that text will be an important part of images — as well as captions on some Instagram posts.

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